Peak Design offers a bespoke drawing and design service covering all aspects of domestic build requirements.  We handle your planning application and drawings,  your constructional plans for your builder to current specifications as required by building control.  We also specify and supply structural calculations and drawings as required.

We start with an initial meeting to discuss and advise you on the feasibility of your ideas and plans.  We will advise you as to whether your project will require planning permission.  

If so, we can supply planning drawings to send to your local authority for the planning permission process and submit them for you.  We also offer constructional drawings.  These are the drawings that your builder will use to give you an accurate quote and to actually work from.  

If you have had to apply for planning, then constructional drawings will also be needed.  Structural calculations are required in some form or another for any constructional drawing and in most cases, will be included in the quote for the constructional drawing.  As a rule,  constructional drawings are not commissioned until planning permisson has been granted.

When is payment due?  The payment for the drawing required is due at the time of the survey.  Until payment has been received the survey cannot be acted on which could cause possible delays.




Customer Testimonial August 2019

Nick was recommended to us by a neighbour for the structural engineering services we needed for some alterations. He was extremely knowledgeable on the structural matters but was also happy to spend time discussing our alterations and give us ideas based on his past experience which we really appreciated. His work was completed quickly and the detailed drawings arrived a few day later in the post. His quote for the services was good too.