Construction Drawing Example


Peak Designs is based in Kingston Upon Thames. We provide high quality A1 colour architectural drawings for both planning applications through the relevant local authority and construction drawings including structural calculations which your builder will require.  When we start working with you we will discuss your options and get you to really think about what you want to achieve and how you will use your new space.  

First phase; If your project requires planning permission, we will draw up a set of planning drawings and make the application to your local authority.  We will ask for payment for planning drawings on the day we come to survey your property.

Second phase; Once planning permission is granted, we can then start the construction drawings.  These drawings will include any structural calculations that may be required.  You can use these drawings/plans to ask builders to quote/estimate from.  Your chosen builder will use the construction drawings to work from under building control supervision.  We will ask for payment for the construction drawings when we are ready to start working on them.

If you’re considering an extension, loft conversion or a small structural alteration to your home please give us a call. We would be happy to advise on all aspects of your project. Call us on 0208 949 5325 Email n.peak@sky.com